Who doesn't like to be warm, ya'know?

I know I do, and the most important ingredient in the warm soup of warmth is the fun and kinda official looking acronym abbreviation BTU. Those three simple letters don't stand for Blobs Twerking Uverywhere, unfortunately, but rather for the pretty boring and vaguely Brexit-y British Thermal Units.

Whack your room deets into the boxes below, and we'll tell you how POWERFUL your radiator needs to be to make beads of sweat run down your rock-hard chest.

Room Dimensions

Room information

To heat your room you will need:

(heat output requirements)

BTU/hr: 0 to 0

Watts: 0 to 0

I'm sorry about the whole rock-hard chest thing. This is just a side-line for me — my day job is as a staff writer for The Erotic Consortium of Home Improvement Enthusiasts. It's a weird organisation, but it pays the bills.


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