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How Does the Average British Home Compare to Celebrity Homes?

Many of us dream of living like a celebrity in their beautiful luxury homes. But have you ever wondered how long it would take for you to save for a house like theirs? 

Our research has uncovered:

  • How long it would take the average-paid Brit to save a 20% deposit on the most-loved celebrity homes. 
  • The time it would take well-known celebrities to buy the average British home outright. 
  • The number of UK homes these celebrities could buy with their yearly earnings.
  • The biggest celebrity homes, and how they compare to world-famous landmarks as well as the average-sized UK home.

Read on to discover how the average Brit home compares to a lavish celebrity's.

Not So Micro Earnings: In 13 Minutes, Bill Gates Will Have Earned Enough Money to Buy the Average UK Home Outright

Our research found that Bill Gates has one of the most expensive celebrity homes – at a whopping £96 million. If you have ever dreamed of living in a home like Bill Gates that has seven bedrooms, 24 bathrooms and even six kitchens, you could be saving for a while. 

Based on the average Brit saving 15% of their take-home pay each month, it would take them 6,254 years to save a 20% deposit for the home. Yes, you read that right. Years. 

However, if Bill Gates wanted to buy the average priced UK home (£234,742), it would only take him 1.98 minutes to save for the deposit, and just 13 minutes to buy it outright. 

What’s more, if Bill Gates ever fancied selling his £96 million home in Washington, USA, he could trade it for 409 average homes in the UK with that money - at £234,742 per house.

Most shockingly, Bill Gates could afford to buy 362,099 average UK priced houses with his entire net worth - that’s nearly the same amount of homes in the whole county of Derbyshire (361,860).

Beyon-say-what? Beyoncé and Jay-Z Could Buy 532 UK Homes With Their Annual Earnings

The superstar couple, Jay-Z and Beyoncé, live in one of the most expensive celebrity homes in Bel-Air, costing them £68 million in 2017. Their beautiful home comprises six separate structures and four swimming pools to name just a few of the desirable features.

However, if these are the features you fancy in your own home, unfortunately, it’s unlikely to happen as it would take the average Brit 4,430 years to save a 20% deposit for their home if they were to save 15% of their take-home pay.

However, with this power couple’s combined earnings working out at £14,308.60 an hour, or a whopping £125 million a year (in 2019), Jay-Z and Beyoncé earn enough to buy 532 average UK homes in a year.

Posh and Bricks: It Would Take the Average Brit 2,020 Years to Save for a Deposit for the Beckham Home

While David and Victoria Beckham have lived around the world for many years, they decided to settle down in the UK in 2014. But, who could blame them when their lavish £31 million home in Holland Park, London, has five floors, six bedrooms and bathrooms, and even an air-conditioned garden?

So, bet you’re wondering how long it would take for the average Brit to buy a home like the Beckham’s? Well, considering the average salary in the UK is £24,897, it would take the ordinary Brit 2,020 years to save a deposit for this luxury home.


James Dyson’s Estate is Three Times as Big as Vatican City

Who would have thought a vacuum cleaner could make you so ludicrously rich that you could afford a £20 million mega-mansion? James Dyson, the founder of Dyson vacuum cleaners, owns a huge estate, encompassing 300 acres of land. In fact, his estate is so massive that it could fit a whopping 17,906 average-sized homes on his land - making it three times as big as Vatican City. 

What’s more, James Dyson’s mansion has an astonishing 51 bedrooms, which is 17 times more than the average British house. 

J.K Rowling’s Estate Is the Same Size as 9,669 British Homes 

J.K Rowling lives in a beautiful 18th-century mansion in the Scottish countryside. Her estate comprises of 162-acres and is bigger than Disneyland Park in California (160 acres). In fact, her Scottish estate is so large that it could be the location of 9,669 average-sized British homes. The mansion includes two halls, a morning room, a drawing room and seven bedrooms, as well as a nod to her literature with Hagrid’s hut on the estate.

Jamie Oliver’s Estate is as Large as New York’s Grand Central Station

The famous chef shares a country mansion with his wife and family. The Oliver home is located on a 70-acre estate, which is enough land to fit 4,178 average sized UK homes. Comparatively, it is even as large as Grand Central Station in New York which is no surprise when you consider that the lavish home is large enough to feature seven bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a swimming pool and an indoor treehouse.


Tap Warehouse calculated the length of time it would take for Brits to save for a 20% deposit on a range of celebrity homes. This is based on Brits saving 15% of their monthly wage - of which is the UK’s average annual salary (£24,897).

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