Choosing the Right Kitchen Taps

Choosing the right kitchen tap is essential as it is the hardest working appliance in your kitchen. This guide will help you choose the perfectly designed tap for your kitchen.

We offer an extensive range of kitchen taps with the perfect balance of design and function. As the hardest working tap in your home, your kitchen tap needs to be robust, have smooth handling to ensure a precise adjustment of temperature and water flow, as well as being easy on the eyes. We have put together a selction of taps that have all of these attrubutes in hopes that you'll find the right one for you.


What should I look for?

When looking to purchase a new kitchen tap we would recommend a tap with a solid metal body featuring modern ceramic disc technology. A good quality tap should last a lifetime so it is worth opting for a tap that offers a timeless appeal.

Before you purchase a kitchen tap it is important to check that your water pressure system is compatible for your choice of tap, as many taps require a minimum pressure of 0.1bar. If you require some guidance working out what bar pressure your home has, please refer to our Guide to Water Pressure.

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Modern Kitchen Taps

A pewter two lever modern kitchen tap

Vellamo Twist Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap - £29.95

Perfect if you're on a budget, this modern and stylish mixer tap ideal for a contemporary kitchen.

Minumum water pressure (bar) - 0.5

A touch activated tap this is sure to be a talking point.

Groho Minta Touch Electronic Sink Mixer - £479.99

This tap is controlled both by a conventional mixer handle, and also by skin contact against the metallic surface of the spout.

Minimum water pressure (bar) - 1

At Tap Warehouse you’ll find a stunning collection of contemporary kitchen taps featuring modern stylish designs, as well as the latest technologies perfect if you want a modern and current kitchen. We offer a large selection of modern kitchen taps from leading brands such as Mayfair, Sagittarius, Vellamo, Tre Mercati and Vado, with kitchen taps such as the Vellamo Twist Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap available at £29.95.

Shop our full range of modern taps here


Utility Kitchen Taps

A chrome mixer tap with a sturdy long spout.

Vellamo Echo Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap - £20

A smart choice for anyone on a budget, this tap has plenty going for it and you can find this out yourself by reading it's reviews.

Minimum water pressure (bar) - 0.5

A chrome kitchen utility tap

Tre Mercati Gloucester Dual Flow Mono Sink Mixer - £77.99

With a streamlined contemporary design, this sleek utility tap will look fresh in any room.

Minimum water pressure (bar) - 0.5

If you are looking for attractive kitchen taps that won't burn a hole in your bank, we have hundreds of cheap kitchen taps at low prices, all of which are uncompromised on quality like our best selling Vellamo Echo Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap available for dispatch within 24 hours or the gleaming chrome plated Relay Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap from Tre Mercati.

Shop our full range of utility kitchen taps here



Pull Out Kitchen Spray Taps

A versatile chrome pull out spray tap - use two kitchen sinks at once.

Vellamo FlexiSpray Kitchen Sink Mixer - £69.99

One of our best selling pull out kitchen taps with a flexible and multi function spray, designded for practicality and style.

Minimum water pressure (bar) - 0.5

A chrome pull out tap with a trigger-style control for easy use.

Hanbury Professional Kitchen Pullout Spray Tap - £99.99

Another one of our best sellers, this professional pull out kitchen spray tap has exceptional multi-functionality capabilities.

Minimum water pressure (bar) - 0.5

Practical and stylish, pull out kitchen spray taps feature a handy hose and spray head that when not in use, sits neatly in the tap itself, but can then pulled out and used to rinse your fruit, vegetables and help wash stubborn dirt from pots and pans, making washing up a pleasure, not a chore. We offer a stunning range of pull out taps including the popular Trieste Kitchen Sink Mixer with Pullout Spray from Sagittarius.

Shop our full range of pull out kitchen spray taps here


Stainless Steel kitchen taps

A tall stainless steel tap with a single lever for easy use.

Mayfair Pure Mono Kitchen Mixer - £59.95

A budget tap that could pass for both modern and traditional in design, perfect for a busy kitchen as stainless steel is resistant to fingerprint marks.

Minimum water pressure (bar) - 0.5

A unique tap, with a lever and button control for versatile use

Premier Swan Neck Pullout Kitchen Spray Tap - £69.99

A unique looking and best selling tap with a brushed stainless steel finish and a useful pull out spray option.

Minimum water pressure (bar) - 0.5

Stainless steel taps not only look stunning with their sleek finish, they are also renowned for their hard wearing and antibacterial properties. Stainless steel kitchen taps don't have to cost a fortune, as we work hard to bring you a great selection that doesn’t cost the earth - all with big discounts off the RRP.

At Tap Warehouse we offer a large range of stainless steel taps from leading brands such as Mayfair, Just Taps and Astracast.  Take a look at the Alva Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap which offers superb value for money or the modern looking Melo Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap from Mayfair.
Shop our full range of stainless steel kitchen taps here


Kitchen Pillar Taps

A pair of headless taps that look like elegant swans.

Tre Mercati Capri Pair Of Headless High Neck Pillar Taps- £27.99

An unusual pair or stylish and sleek taps that will look timeless and distinguished in any room.

Minimum water pressure (bar) - 0.2

A beautiful pair of traditional pillar taps that make you feel like you have taken a step back in time.

Tre Mercati Imperial Pair Of High Neck Pillar Taps - £73.99

A beautiful set of pillar taps that will be a wonderful addition to any traditional kitchen.

Minimum water pressure (bar) - 0.2

Featuring an array of modern and traditional designs, kitchen pillar taps offer a simplistic solution for the kitchen. You will find hundreds of beautiful kitchen pillar taps at Tap Warehouse from leading innovators High Life by Alliance, Just Taps and Tre Mercati. 

Shop our full range of kitchen pillar taps here



Traditional Kitchen Taps

A traditional tap with a cream pair of lever handles.

Vellamo Elizabeth Traditional Mono Kitchen Mixer Tap - £39.99

This tap will be the perfect finishing touch for any period-style kitchen, available a beautifully affordable price.

Minimum water pressure (bar) - 0.5

A truly classic french mixer tap that looks timeless amongst it's green surroundings.

Tre Mercati French Classic Traditional Mono Sink Mixer - £83.99

A rustically charming tap that will incorporate a classic feel into your kitchen.

Minimum water pressure (bar) - 0.5

At Tap Warehouse we offer a stunning range of traditional kitchen taps of the highest quality all at heavily discounted RRP prices from the likes of Just Taps, Sagittarius, Tre Mercati and Ultra.

Within this collection are some of the finest traditional kitchen taps on the market including the Marseille Dual Lever Kitchen Tap from Mayfair at only £59.99 featuring beautiful ceramic lever handles.
Shop our full range of traditional kitchen taps here



LED Kitchen Taps

A tap that can communicate the water temperature through the LED lights.

Mayfair Melo Glo LED Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap - £99.99

With colours that adjust to the water temperature, this tap does more than deliver water as it communicates the temperature through LED lights.

Minimum water pressure (bar) - 1

A high-tech led kitchen tap with a celestial white water flow.

Gessi Just Mono Kitchen Mixer with Swivel Spout & Pull Out Spray - £619.99

Incorporating the latest technology, the white LED light is powered by a miniature turbine which is driven by the taps own water flow.

Minimum water pressure (bar) - 2

Add colour into your kitchen with an LED kitchen tap. The colour-changing lights on an LED kitchen tap makes filling up your cup or sink just that little bit more fun. LED kitchen taps are practical too, as the changing colour of the lights safely indicates whether the water is too hot, too cold, or just right.

Shop our full range of LED kitchen taps here


2 Tap Hole Kitchen Taps

A classic tap built to aid the environment.

Tre Mercati Special Economy Dual Flow Deck Sink Mixer With 8" Spout - £45.99

A minimalist design with a body made to last, this tap will look sleek in any bathroom or kitchen.

Minimum water pressure (bar) - 0.2

An unusual looking pewter tap that is a joy to look at.

Mayfair Westminster Kitchen Bridge Mixer Tap - £99.99

A brushed nickel Victorian style tap with intricate styled detailing, which is sure to attract some noble attention.

Minimum water pressure (bar) - 0.2

You'll find a large range of 2 hole kitchen taps including bridge mixers, deck sink mixers and 2 tap hole sink mixers in modern and traditional designs suitable for low and high pressure systems.

Shop our full range of 2 tap hole kitchen taps here



Water Filtering Kitchen Taps

A tall chrome tap with angelic white lever handles.

Rangemaster Aquaclassic Spa Filter Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap - £199.99

A classic budget friendly tap that will remain timeless and never get old. The graceful and elegant tap will make a perfect addition to your kitchen.

Minimum water pressure (bar) - 0.2

Clearwater Stella Triple Lever Mono Filtered Water Tap - Chrome

Clearwater Stella Triple Lever Mono Kitchen Mixer and Cold Filtered Water - £199.99

An extremely modern filtered water tap that is rated one of our 'best buys' and with its stunning chrome finsh, you don't need to wonder why!

Minimum water pressure (bar) - 0.5

Enjoy the benefits of a water filtering kitchen tap from Tap Warehouse. Water filtering kitchen taps remove impurities such as lead, copper and aluminium which can affect the taste of tap water, whilst leaving all the essential beneficial minerals behind. You’ll find an extensive collection of water filtering kitchen taps at Tap Warehouse all with heavily discounted RRP Prices.

Shop our full range of filtered water taps here


Tap Finishes

Stainless steel and chrome taps are sure to complement every kitchen style with their sleek finish, ideal for enhancing the look of your work surface and sink area. There are also other options available if you are looking for something a little more unique such as gold, brushed chrome, brushed nickel and copper. Our kitchen taps are also available in a variety of colours such as gold, mocca, black, white, pewter and many more.

Mounting and Installation

Most kitchen taps will need to be deck mounted using a simple two or three hole installation. Before attempting any type of tap installation we would advise you to seek advice from your plumber. A tap that is installed incorrectly can damage your homes plumbing system and can have negative repercussions.


A Final Word….

We hope you found this guide helpful in helping you decide which kitchen tap is the right one for you, and if you have any feedback or questions, please comment on this article or our Facebook page and we’ll get back to you ASAP. If you'd like to speak to one of our staff, please call us on 01202 556655 or email and our customer service staff will be there to help.


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