Bathroom Heating: The Creative + Comprehensive Guide

Ahh… there is nothing better than bathroom heating. Just brainstorming some brilliant bathroom heating ideas has brought warmth and comfort to our souls. Most people will brave their frosty bathrooms just to save money. But in the long term, are you really saving, or setting yourself up for disaster?

Ahh… there is nothing better than bathroom heating. Just brainstorming some brilliant bathroom heating ideas has brought warmth and comfort to our souls.

 Most people will brave their frosty bathrooms just to save money. But in the long term, are you really saving, or setting yourself up for disaster?

 Let’s take a look at why you need to keep your bathroom warm, followed by our special bathroom heating guide. We’ll show you how to always have a warm bathroom and share with you some of the best heating products on the market.


The Importance of a Warm Bathroom

You can choose to go down the route of fitting central heating towel rails, or perhaps even favouring some electric bathroom heating solutions. But, at the end of the day, it is quintessentially important to keep your bathroom warm.

Like any room in your home, you can’t leave it to freeze over. A cold bathroom will lead to dampness and the potential for menacing growth on your walls.

Retaining heat in your bathroom also means that you will be using less heat to reach desired temperatures. Cutting down on energy used, saving you money, and saving the planet. 

But most importantly, it simply gives you pleasure. No longer will you be considering skipping those bitter, cold morning showers.

Let’s take a look at some of our specially selected bathroom heating solutions.


Heated Towel Rails

There are three main types of towel rails to heat the bathroom. Electric heated towel rails, central heating towel rails and duel fuel towel radiators.

You would probably think, “central heating all the way. No brainer”!


Don’t discount electric heating so quickly. Nowadays, they are built to be energy efficient and you may find yourself with a lower utility bill by wiring your system with sparks of electricity.

If you already have a standard radiator fitted and are wondering, “how to replace bathroom radiator with towel rail”? Well, as you already have the main pipeline fitted, it’s really as easy as removing the old unit and swapping it over with your new towel rail radiator.

Bear in mind, even if you currently have a central heating radiator, you can still easily change over to electric.

Alternatively, why not have both central heating and electric? There are bathroom radiator towel rails that have the option of dual fuel for complete flexibility.

Brenton Chrome Curved Heated Towel Radiator

The Brenton Chrome Curved Towel Radiator is the perfect way to pamper your soaking wet towels. And just to add the cherry on top, it will also bring summer to your bathroom all year round.

The chrome finish of this gorgeous heat radiating unit gives your bathroom that high-class status, and the curves of the rails simply add a bit of elegance to your bathroom design.

Thinking of something a bit more creative? Why not consider looking for designer towel radiators?

Bauhaus Svelte Towel Rail

Bauhaus never fail to disappoint. Their Svelte Towel Rail has a sexy metallic black matte finish, and the ingenious design allows you to hang a fair few towels at once. And simultaneously emit waves of heat to quickly warm your bathroom.

The materials used for the Bauhaus Towel Rail sounds like stuff you’d use to build a spaceship! Low carbon steel. 3D laser technology. And a coating of Oxsilan®. That’s a heavy duty anti-corrosion product that helps to guarantee you a bathroom heating unit that may very well last longer than anything else in your home.

The cost of this towel rail is slightly on the high end, but the immense quality that you’ll be getting makes it well worth the spend.

Okay, so maybe you’re a bit more old-fashioned when it comes to bathroom heating radiators - you want to stick to your traditional roots.

Well, you’re in luck! There are traditional heated towel rails that you can also choose from.

Landour Bathroom Traditional Heated Towel Rail Radiator

The Landour Towel Rail Radiator is perfect for your minimalistic bathroom design. The single towel rail blends in with the style of the heating tubes and the pipe works, giving it an industrial and classic look that’s simply sensational.

This is not just a radiator. It is a masterpiece to be admired.

Melleville Bathroom Traditional Heated Towel Rail Radiator

The Melleville Towel Rail Radiator is similar to the Landour, except for the additional heating tubes and the white finish that beautifully complements the chrome pipes and towel rail. It brings a stunning colour contrast to the bathroom.

Fitting in well with small bathrooms that have a lighter interior design, if you’re thinking of investing in small white heated towel rails, maybe the Melleville is the one for you.


Bathroom Radiators

When you just want a basic feature to keep your bathroom warm, you can’t go wrong with bathroom radiators. They serve their purpose. Or do they?

Choosing the right radiator for the bathroom isn’t completely straightforward. But that’s why you have come to us, right?

Firstly, how warm should a bathroom be? There is no single answer to this question. Perhaps you want to step into your shower room feeling like you’ve just entered a fiery volcano. Maybe you just want to feel snug and warm like on a sunny spring afternoon. The best way to find out what kind of heat your bathroom needs is with a BTU calculator - a quick Google search should bring up plenty.

One idea would be to have a small chrome bathroom radiator. That would do the trick. But you may have to upgrade the size if you are dealing with a beast of a bathroom.

Chrome and stainless steel units are essentially completely resistant to rust. A concern that most tend to have about “how to stop bathroom radiator rusting”.

As you are probably starting to figure out, there are quite a few thoughts that go into selecting a bathroom radiator.

Here are a few great radiator styles that will compliment your bathroom design.

Traditional Column Radiators

If you are looking to maintain a traditional atmosphere within your bathroom, consider the Brenton Horizontal Designer Column. These white column radiators are built from the finest quality steel materials, which means that they’ll last a great deal of time, and provide your bathroom with ample warmth.

You have the option to hook up these traditional radiators to your central heating system or wire in some electrics. Alternatively, you could go for the dual fuel system, which allows you to alternate between central heating and electric.

Vertical Contemporary Radiators

The vertical contemporary radiator is one of our absolute favourites. They are considered to be space saving units as they go along the wall vertically as opposed to horizontally, and there’s a range of modern designs that will bring glamour to any bathroom.

For the sake of our bathroom radiator review, we would like to introduce the Brenton Steel Vertical Oval Tube Designer Radiator. These lightweight aluminum radiators are only 295mm wide, making them perfect for fitting in smaller bathrooms where space is limited.

However, this doesn’t mean you get less heat from your unit, and where they lack in width they definitely make up for in height.

Horizontal Contemporary Radiators

You don’t necessarily need to go vertical to jazz up your bathroom. There are horizontal contemporary radiator designs that can give you the style you are looking to achieve.

The Brenton Flat Panel Radiator is a beautiful option that will add a modern and contemporary touch to your bathroom. It’s made from highly durable steel and has an anthracite finish to create a commanding presence in the bathroom.

The flat panels mean that it will look more like a decorative piece rather than a bulky obstruction, and the range of compact sizes also make it the perfect radiator for small bathrooms.

Underfloor Heating

There has been an increase in the installation of bathroom underfloor heating in homes. The masses can’t be wrong. There is a reason many homeowners are moving towards underfloor heating systems.

There is the assumption about the cost of underfloor heating not being worth the trouble of heating a bathroom. The initial setup may prove to be a little pricey. Especially if you have a large bathroom where you would have more ground to cover.

There are two ways you can get underfloor heating in your bathroom.

The first is what most would expect, and that is to fit underfloor central heating pipes. If you already have a central heating system around your home, this might be the better route. The process is pretty straight forward. Pipes are fitted below the bathroom floor and linked to the rest of your central heating network.

The other method would be to use electric underfloor heating. These are far easier to install and the most cost effective way to bring warmth to your feet. You can use either heat mats or heat cables.

The simplest electric solution would be to purchase heat mats as they are a little easier to lay out. A great option would be to have something like the Impey Aqua Mat Wetroom Under Floor Heating System. It only requires 100watts of energy to operate, and in the long run means you will be making major savings on your bills.

Once you have your mats laid out, you can hook them up to an underfloor heating thermostat which allows you to easily monitor and adjust the heat settings. You can even get a WiFi enabled thermostat that you can control using your phone on the move.


Window Insulation

What use would it be redesigning your bathroom heating if it’s just going to escape out the window?

If you already have a whole heating system in place but it still feels like you’re bathing in Antarctica rather than the Libyan Desert, you should probably take a look at your bathroom window insulation.

The idea of insulating your windows is to help contain the hot air. Any flaws with the seals or glass panels and you have yourself a heat leakage. This not only hampers your bathroom from reaching desired temperatures, it can also prove quite costly on your energy bills.

There are two quick and easy methods you can use for insulating your windows.

Insulation film is a cheap solution. It acts as an additional layer on your glass windows, helping to stop heat from passing through the glass. Think of it as cheap double glazing.

Another method is to use silicone sealant around the edges of the bathroom window which will provide an airtight and waterproof barrier.


Bathroom Ventilation

Is it worth installing bathroom ventilation?

Did you know that condensation actually results in the room taking longer to heat up?

The air in a bathroom will always be damp after a steamy shower. What do we normally do when the bathroom steams up? Open the door and windows right?

But this means the condensation spreads to the rest of your home. And what about during the winter months? You don’t exactly want to open the windows! In some cases, your bathroom may not even have a window!

HIB Hush Chrome Wall Mounted Slimline Lowprofile Fan with Timer & Humidity Sensor


Its chrome finish protrudes elegance, making it not just a necessity but also a great design piece to admire whilst visiting the loo.

A lot of ventilation systems can be pretty loud, drowning out Marvin Gaye singing Sexual Healing over the bathroom radio. However, you won’t have this problem with the HIB Chrome Wall Mounted Fan.

The low-profile fan generates a noise level of only 25 decibels. To give you an idea of what that is - rustling leaves produce about 20 decibels.

So yeah. These fans are pretty damn quiet.

The other great feature that we love about the HIB Hush fan is the humidity feature. So when things get steamy during bath time it fires up straight away. Oh, and let’s not forget the eco-friendly timer with which you can set your desired time for the heating to turn on and off.


Luxury Rugs

The simplest and perhaps most affordable way to kiss goodbye to those early morning icy cold bathroom floors is to buy a rug. There is a huge range of luxury rugs with various designs and colours, and you can certainly find one that will suit your wonderful bathroom.

Why not go for a large oval rug? Not only does it add a fluff of style but will cover most of your cold bathroom floor.

Another option is to have smaller rugs. Perhaps an under-sink rug combined with a bathmat. The perfect morning exercise routine - jumping from rug to rug, avoiding the frostbiting floor.


Warm Paints and Tiles

It is true that darker colours attract more heat. But that’s not to say that you have to splash the bathroom walls with a coat of midnight black paint. Perhaps just tone it down ever so slightly. A great option of bathroom paint colours to go for is grey. It’s all the rage now to have grey bathrooms in your home.

Burnt orange, autumnal rouge and colours that simply warm your soul are perfect for creating a feeling of warmth in your bathroom for a fraction of the cost.


So there you have it. Bet you never imagined that you had all these options to keep your bathroom warm. We hope our in depth bathroom heating guide keeps you and your home toasty this winter!